BC Chakra|Chakra sound

Chakra sound outputs the sound that resonates with each chakra. Playback on high performance stereo headphones is recommended.

Frequency playback button for 7 chakras.
The sound that resonates with each chakra is output.

・Muladhara 256Hz
・Svadhishthana 288Hz
・Manipura 324Hz
・Anahata 341Hz
・Vishuddha 384Hz
・Ajna 432Hz
・Sahasrara 486Hz

Stop button
Stop the sound
Opens the selection screen for binaural beats.
Select the frequency of the binaural beat
Binaural beats are said to cause undulations by shifting the frequencies of the left and right sounds, affecting brain waves.

・ Delta wave 2Hz The slowest state of brain waves, that is, the unconscious state.
・ Theta wave 6Hz It is said to be the frequency of brain waves that activates inspiration and insight in deep meditation and sedation.
・ Schumann Resonance 7.8Hz The resonance frequency of the ultra long wave between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. It is said to have relaxing and healing effects.
・ Alpha wave 11Hz This is an electroencephalogram in which mental activity is high and consciousness is high from awakening to sleep.
・ Gamma wave 40Hz This is the optimum frequency for the cognitive function of the brain. This is an EEG frequency that enhances energy and concentration.

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