BC Drum | Vintage Drum Machine

Starts / stops playing.
Open the dialog to select the drum set.
Select a drum set.
・Rhythm Ace
Specify the tempo of the performance. The unit is BPM (beats per minute)
The leftmost column specifies the accent.
・Accent strength (VOL)
・16 steps ON / OFF
Can be specified.
Each column has one track, which specifies the performance of all six tracks.
On each track
・ Type of drum
・ Volume
・ Pan pot (PAN)
・ 16 steps ON / OFF
Can be set.
Specify the drum type for each track.
Specify the drum type.
Specify the drum volume of each track from 0 to 99.
The leftmost column (accent) is the strength of the accent.
Specify the pan pot of each track with
Specify ON / OFF of 16 steps for each track.
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