BC Tarot | SNS tarot card is an Android app that draws inspiration from cards. You can post the result to SNS.

Download BC Tarot | SNS tarot card

Inspiration is in you. It cooperates with Twitter / Facebook / Line.

BC Tarot reads a person's fortune simply by Marseille edition tarot cards (Marseille Tarot Card). Fortune-telling can be done anytime and anywhere.

Only 22 of "big alkanet" is used, and it's the simplest divination method and reads a person's fortune by one oracles out of which only one pulls a card.

I think when I say tarot cards, something to line up many cards and read a person's fortune is imagined. But I get the way to read a person's fortune only by 1 as "one oracles" by our application.

So only 1 is very simple, and simplicity can get a clear response.
Of the feeling, partner's feeling, target and plan, Yes/No fortune-telling looks through and can predict various matters.

When an application is started, a shuffle has everything its own way slowly for a card.

What kind of thing would you like to ask a card now?
Please concentrate on the contents you'd like to predict.

The card in which you're most interested in the card which moves?
The card you're being called?
Is there a card which gives an aura off?

If I'm ready, a tap does one card, and I'll receive a response.

The key word which concerns a picture of the card and a card is shown to a result of the fortune-telling.

What would you feel from a picture of the mysterious card and a key word?

Did a card tell a story?

Is the meaning probable in a number?

The excited future?

Is it the substance you don't want to admit?

Would light be felt somehow?

What did your inspiration hand down to you?

As it is felt, your intuition power is polished more.

A response isn't one of course.
It can be original you, you're tied with the universe to answer.
It's possible to find that only for you. Only you know whether a response is right.

And because even an ingredient for sushi is good, it'll be raised in SNS and rise by everyone.

Please spend time with the tarot cards pleasantly. I'd begin to tell more cards.

Even if the card which isn't good goes out, please accept and enjoy the actuality. Or it may be redone until a good card goes out.


The Fool[Upright]
The Fool[Reversed]
1 The Magician[Upright]
1 The Magician[Reversed]
2 The Popess[Upright]
2 The Popess[Reversed]
3 The Empress[Upright]
3 The Empress[Reversed]
4 The Emperor[Upright]
4 The Emperor[Reversed]
5 The Pope[Upright]
5 The Pope[Reversed]
6 The Lover[Upright]
6 The Lover[Reversed]
7 The Chariot[Upright]
7 The Chariot[Reversed]
8 Justice[Upright]
8 Justice[Reversed]
9 The Hermit[Upright]
9 The Hermit[Reversed]
10 The Wheel of Fortune[Upright]
10 The Wheel of Fortune[Reversed]
11 The Force[Upright]
11 The Force[Reversed]
12 The Hanged Man[Upright]
12 The Hanged Man[Reversed]
13 (untitled)[Upright]
13 (untitled)[Reversed]
14 Temperance[Upright]
14 Temperance[Reversed]
15 The Devil[Upright]
15 The Devil[Reversed]
16 The Tower[Upright]
16 The Tower[Reversed]
17 The Star[Upright]
17 The Star[Reversed]
18 The Moon[Upright]
18 The Moon[Reversed]
19 The Sun[Upright]
19 The Sun[Reversed]
20 Judgment[Upright]
20 Judgment[Reversed]
21 The World[Upright]
21 The World[Reversed]